Mini raspberry cheesecake

An awakening like many others at my parents’ house, on a sunny September morning. On the table, a note for me. A few words written rapidly but with the heart. It’s the cheesecake recipe of Aunt Sery, who came from far away to offer smiles and sweetness like nobody else can do. With this cake, I discovered America.

Ingredients for 6 mini cakes or 1 normal cake
– digestive cookies, 250g
– butter, 125g
– cream cheese (Philadelphia), 500g
– sugar, 80g
– raspberries, 200g
– eggs, 2
– raspberry jam, 3 tablespoons

Blend the cookies and mix them with the melted butter. Grease 6 mini cake baking tins with butter, line with baking paper and grease again. In each mould, make a layer of cookies, rising the borders a little. Store in the fridge.
Mix the cheese together with sugar and blended raspberries, keeping some aside for decoration. Add the eggs, one at a time. Cover the layer of cookies with the cheese mixture. Bake for 1h in a preheated oven at 150/160°.
Decorate with a thin layer of jam and fresh raspberries.

Original pictures by Laura Renieri. Post production: Nero di Seppia.

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